Display input module

Anybody know when the display input module will be released?

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What do you mean by display input module?
If you mean the e-ink screen prototype shown in some videos that slots in next to the keyboard, I don’t think that they’ve confirmed that it has worked out / will see release. Though I strongly suspect we will see it at some point. Be aware though, e-ink displays are limited & have slow refresh rates.

I assume OP means an Input HDMI port (or DP etc) so one could use their Framework as Display (and ideally KB and mouse, or full fledged KVM) for an external device, such as a server, mini pc, phone or gaming device

I would love to have that as an option while traveling myself


Have you considered an HDMI Capture Card that’s USB? You’ll probably have quite a delay but I wouldn’t expect you to connect to a server to play a game anyway.

I took would very much like an HDMI input module. I would like to be able to use my laptop as a screen for playing my Xbox on the go, and unfortunately capture cards are quite expensive and introduce far to much latency to be able to do that.

Capture cards are unfortunately the only way to realistically do this without massively redesigning the mainboard.

Portable displays did get quite good this last couple years though so while it would be a little more to carry it would also double as a second screen for your main laptop and you could get one in a less weird resolution so the xbox is happier, win win XD.

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Can the expansion bay be used for it?

For a capture card, yeah. It’s just a PCIe device.

Doesn’t solve the latency issues.