DisplayPort Expansion Card Issues on AMD - Ubuntu + BIOS 3.03

Is anyone else having difficulties with their display port adapter? It will sometimes register the external monitor when I plug it in but most of the time it doesn’t. I’ve tested with different cables, tried all the ports (yes even the ones I know will fail just to be sure) and another display port to usb-c adapter and narrowed it down to the framework adapter / amd board interaction being the issue. I know the adapter itself works as its what I used prior when I had my intel board in and can plug it into my android and have it work. HDMI works with no issue so I can fall back to that for now.

32gb RAM
Ubuntu 22.04 with the updated oem kernel

are you running the 3.03 beta bios? with the 3.02 bios i had the same behavior and monitors needed to be plugged in before startup to be detected, with 3.03 this is luckily fixed :slight_smile:

Yeah this is on the latest bios. I’m seeing the same behaviour in Ubuntu and a fresh Fedora 39 install. Maybe its my adapter? For the time being I’ve swapped to HDMI which is more stable for me just capped at 120hz refresh rate which is good enough