DisplayPort expansion module died

Had my DisplayPort module fail today. Had been working fine, then yesterday my monitor wouldn’t immediately detect there was a connection, which I thought was maybe a dodgy cable, but this morning it has failed completely.

Glad it wasn’t the monitor, but still a bit annoying. I’ve reached out to support, but has anyone else (in the UK) gone through a returns/replace experience for an expansion module? Just wondering the turnaround time and what the overall level of service was.

Had a keyboard [input panel] replaced, although that was a setup error as I had received with a German keyboard. Took about a week once the issue was acknowledged. There’s a service centre opening in Germany but my new Input panel came from Taiwan.

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Hi, I’m based in the uk also and funnily enough, my DisplayPort module is also not working either.

Personally I’m just going to wait until they start selling expansion modules in the UK as I need more of the other ones, which they won’t sell you direct.

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I’m not in the UK, but be aware that @TheTwistgibber has mentioned that returns in Europe are a little delayed right now, and your RMA may take some time.

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Oh no! Hopefully just a coincidence.

Whilst it sucks that we’ve both had a DP failure, there’s definitely a positive aspect here that we can simply replace the module without the hassle of having to return the complete device and being without a laptop for a while.

I did ask about the possibility of including some additional modules with my replacement (that I would pay for), but the answer at the moment seems to be “wait for the marketplace to be available”.

Wish I’d picked up a couple of extras when I bought the laptop. Couldn’t really have predicted what I’d need. Definitely going to buy an extra USB-C and USB-A module at the very least.

Yeah, looking back I also wish I ordered more modules haha. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to be patient while they get the marketplace to the uk.

I have to say they’re doing remarkably well given the size of the team.

Yeah I said a few days ago that I wished there was a note on the ordering screen to the effect of “Please note that if buying in the UK, separate cards will not be available for some time! What you order now will be all you have for the foreseeable future!”

I was fully expecting the same after sales options as the US after launch.

Support have asked me to go through the “mainboard reset” process.

I’m a bit surprised. I’ve already done enough to prove the expansion module isn’t working, but 3 other modules work fine and there’s nothing else wrong with the laptop.

Am I missing something? I’ve asked them if this process is likely to result in the expansion module working again or if this is just “in the script” for support.

Well. Everything turned out better than expected!

The reply to my last email was the best reply I’ve had from any company support as far back as I can remember (20+ years).

They confirmed I should disregard the mainboard reset process, this would not likely resolve the issue and if I let them know which additional expansion cards I would like, they would create a special order for me and charge my on-file payment card in addition to replacing the failed DisplayPort expansion card for free.

This is exactly the way to make me a customer for life.



Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the kind words and our apologies for the misuse of the Mainboard Reset procedure in this specific instance. You’d be surprised how often the Mainboard Reset process resolves common issues as it’s like the old IT “have you tried turning it off and back on again,” but in your case, it wasn’t going to do anything other than add time to your troubleshooting and put you at risk of potentially bending a power pin on the mainboard or something similar (I’m sure you would have handled the process perfectly). We’ve adjusted agent training on use cases for this troubleshooting process as its main usage is for power-related issues due to BIOS version 3.06 and other edge-case power issues. We’re getting back in to the virtual office now after the weekend and I’ll make sure to get the order in for you once I get to tickets this morning.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll have your Expansion Cards out to you shortly.
We’ll make mistakes along the way, but we’ll course correct


Nice to hear so many stories of excellent customer support from framework. I echo @Stefan_Holmes saying “This is exactly the way to make me a customer for life”!

On the displayport expansion module, I wonder if there’s some reliability issue with those - they have been flaky for me as well (occassional failure to connect after restart), and I simply switched to another one from CableMatters which has been a lot more reliable.

(The one I use is this one: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-DisplayPort-Charging-Compatible/dp/B07FF63XZ9/)

Just noting that I have had two flaky DP modules now. I switched to HDMI and that has been much more reliable.

Hi all,

another one with a DP module on its way out. It’s dropping out at random times since yesterday. Recovers after a few minutes being unplugged but that’s not a solution for me.
There is no way around DP for me as the HDMI module can’t do 4K at 60Hz which my main monitor requires. I mean 30Hz would work but I just don’t want that.
Have contacted the support. Let’s hope this can be fixed somehow.
Setup is:

DIY edition Core i5-1135G7
2TB Adata SSD
OS: Fedora 36 (64-bit), Gnome 42.1, Wayland

  • USB-C (for power supply)
  • USB-A (connected to a USB3.0 hub for all peripherals)
  • MicroSD card reader
  • DisplayPort

No driver issues of any sort so far, even the fingerprint reader works right from the start. Only the suspend-to-RAM mode does not work and crashes / restarts. Nothing vital for me. So there is little to complain about, except for that DP module. Hope this is something fixable in the long run. Would not appear very sustainable if the support needs to replace these modules in a monthly cycle.


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Resolved, after some support communications they sent me a new DP module. No need to hand in the old one which I would gladly have done to support their troubleshooting. Anyway, in the meantime I have switched to using a Lenovo docking station which also features DP, the new DP module will still hopefully serve its purpose when I’m travelling.