DisplayPort not working after sleep or restart

My displayport expansion card does not work correctly. I’m on windows 10 and using the display port expansion to connect to a samsung 32j59x monitor.

Everytime the laptop goes to sleep or restarts, the monitor will not connect over displayport. i have to physically pull the expansion card and plug it back in and… sometimes it begins to work.

This kinda sucks. anyone know a fix?


I have a similar issue. Dell monitor, Windows 10, though I had the same problem on Ubuntu until I switched over to Windows last week. Sometimes it will start working without having to reattach the expansion card if I just wait about 5 minutes.

I have similar issue with a batch 9 DIY, running Ubuntu 20.04. My second monitor is a Samsung, everything worked ok for about a week. Then the monitor was not recognized couple of times having been in screen lock, came back after some minutes, but now the connection is lost. I swapped the card around the slots and did a reinstallation of graphics drivers, but cannot get it to work again.
Same cable & monitor works just fine on my old laptop with Ubuntu 18.4. The screen takes only DP, HDMI and analog and I do not have adapters to check the Framework USB-C port with the monitor.
I suspect it is the card.

I bought a second DP expansion card. A new expansion card made no difference. Has anyone figured out a solution or workaround for this issue?

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Removing and restoring power to the monitor has been the most reliable solution for when I have issues with DisplayPort connectivity.