DIY batch shipping and battery life concerns?

The website shows batch 4 of the 12th gen DIY ships October, does this mean they ship all of them on a certain fixed date each month or can I expect it to ship to me here in the EU within a few days?

I have learned about the different battery issues, some of these especially affecting linux apparently which I will be using.

Can someone please confirm there are either workarounds for or there will likely be fixes in the future for, whether software or (non full motherboard) modular upgrades, the battery lasting approximately 6 hours powered on and draining in sleep/hibernation and when off more than it should?

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They are made in batches but shipped as they are made so clearly some of the same batch will arrive a while later.


  • 6 hours is about it
  • Powered off there is no drain on my 11Gen with 2 x USB C 1 x SD card reader and 1 x 256GB Drive installed
  • In sleep there is a drain from all but the USB C cards
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Since you live in the EU, 11th gen is still an option for you, that offers the best battery life. Battery life improvements are actively being worked on such as the beta firmware available for displayport cards and the beta firmware that is in the process of being created for HDMI. Expect BIOS updates as well to improve this. The most improvement will come from more efficient chips but that would require a full motherboard swap. Further battery life improvements have been alluded to for the Chromebook edition but it is unclear what they are.