DIY Edition, boot issues after display connect

having a pretty frustrating experience with my diy edition.

went through the first windows 10 install with no issues. installed driver, bios 3.07. used the computer for a couple days with no issues.

i have a 1440p 240hz display, i plugged my laptop into there for a bit and then it blue screened, had issues starting up, sometimes green artifacts into a crash. sometimes full power fans and black screen. left it alone for a day or so, next time working properly for under an hour and then the same (no plugging into monitor).

decided to reinstall windows, and laptop would black screen and fully spin fans consistently. took many tries to get into bios, then change default boot drive. finally, as i’m installing windows of my boot disk. the laptop crashes again.

any recommendations? doesn’t seem like it’s a driver issue at this point. laptop is generally having problems starting and with crashes.

could it be hardware? bios? all suggestions and ideas welcome.

edit: disconnecting all the expansion slots helped boot the first time it happened.