DIY kit for 360 screen hinge

As the topic above suggests, a hinge similar to a 2-in-1 or an articulating hinge similar to Canon’s EOS 60D (or equivalent) screen, or a swivel hinge similar to the old Dell XPS 12. Is this a possible upgrade path for those looking to add a touchscreen in the future?


Would be interesting to know if it is physically possible with the laptop. Don’t have my hands on one right now, but has someone checked what’s stopping it from bending past 180 degrees?

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Bottom edge of the top clamshell juts out a bit so that it bumps against the bottom clamshell at 180 degrees

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Would this design be an acceptable substitute? Potential future display preferences: - #72 by JPTiger

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Yep, though that design uses a lot of material. Plus you’d have to extend the display cable to accomodate that extra distance and iirc the OG Framework display cable isn’t long enough.

Would it not be possible to have a hinge that rotates at two axis? Like the XPS 2-in-1’s:


What I was about to write; the Asus Zenbook UX360C has a similar hinge.

Would it be possible to make the framework as a convertible/2 in 1 laptop via a new hinge? Or are there other considerations that would need to be made to make it work?

Here is a topic from last year which contains a small discussion on this subject.

Wouldn’t they make a hinge with CNC if they did?

And at 13 inches, the hinge is in the form of a bar, so shouldn’t we implement it like the link?

This is incorrect. There are two separate hinges — one on each side of the display.