Does an inserted MicroSD card stick out or sit flush?

Has anyone come across information about the MicroSD card expansion card? Hopefully the card goes all the way in, but just from looking at the pictures, my guess is that an inserted card would stick out. I’m hoping that I am wrong, as I’d like to be able to leave a card inserted all of the time.


The card has 2mm exposed when inserted. I usually leave a MicroSD or UFS Card in my Framework Laptop in day to day use.


Thank you for the reply! I like to set my laptop down on its side, which is one reason that a flush card is ideal for my case. I can always set the machine on its other side or take the card out. I’m looking forward to checking everything out when the machines (or kit in my case) start shipping. Have a great day.

Or put the MicroSD port on the other side. You can put it left or right, forward or rear.
Whatever works best for you.