Does anyone know the hardness of or specific type of aluminum used in the older top covers?

The marketplace page for the newer top covers say they use 6063 aluminum, but I don’t see anything on the older top covers and couldn’t find anything elsewhere either. Mine shipped specifically in batch 6 if that makes a difference.

As far as I know the only difference was the new hinges, I didn’t think there was any change from old to new for materials. But I could be wrong. I have the O.G. (11th Gen i7) laptop from like batch 2 and still rocking the O.G. hinges etc. without issue (I guess I got lucky).

The “new” top cover is specifically marked as CNC’d from a block of 6063. Not sure there was ever an announcement for the makeup for the “original” cover bedsides being 50% recycled. No Hinges included.

The change is supposed to make it stiffer over all.

Yes, my impression from what I found was that the 6063 was a change. I couldn’t find any specific information about what they used for the earlier tops and are maybe still using for the other parts. But I thought somebody might know.

I haven’t had any issues with my top cover. If I wish the bottom cover was a bit more rigid, sometimes holding the laptop in one hand interferes with the touchpad.

Mostly I asked out of curiosity, wondering what I could use on it without scratching it. My specific use case is that I want to cut some of the stickers on it. Looking it up, it seems like aluminum alloys vary quite a lot in hardness. If I can’t find any solid information tho I’ll just test some stuff on my extra expansion card. Hopefully that’s the same material.

Anodizing type / thickness should make more difference for surface scratch resistance. Unfortunately, I don’t think Framework would be using thick type III hard anodizing because it’s more difficult, should have a higher energy / carbon cost. And Framework mentioned making choices with their anodizing to reduce environmental impact.

I would assume you’re going to scratch it unless you’re using plastic, the anno isn’t super hard on my AMD lid, and I can’t imagine they made it worse when doing a CNC cover.