Does Framework 13 AMD have old issues?

I’m looking into getting a new laptop as my old one died of water damage.

I was looking to choose a framework 13 with the AMD Ryzen. I heard of some news about the screen not being matte m and problems with battery drain, were these fixed and i will receive a version without these issues?


The screen is matte on all AMD Frameworks. As for battery drain, that’s a more complex topic. If you put the laptop to sleep, it will slowly drain power over time and that’s normal. On Windows 11, my battery drains 1% for every hour of sleep. You can stop battery drain by putting it into hibernate instead (but some people prefer not to do that).

I have a batch 4 and have no issues. The display is matte and I like it a lot. As for battery drain, I think this machine is probably capable of better battery life than I’m getting at the moment (Fedora 39), but I think it’s just the nature of a new-ish APU with early Linux drivers and such. But even with that, I did no extra configuration or anything in Linux. I just installed Fedora 39 and started using the laptop. Doing normal tasks like browsing the internet or word processing, I probably get 6-7 hours of battery life. I can’t say exactly, but it’s enough to get me through a day of using it off and on. And keep in mind, that’s with an 80% max charge threshold set, so I’m chopping 20% right off the top. And I usually plug it in once it gets below 20%. When watching videos, the battery life drops noticeably faster, but it’s still acceptable.

When I shut the lid or push the power button to put it to sleep, I find it drops a bit less than 1% per hour. For instance, if I use it before bed and then open it up to check emails or whatever before work about 8-10 hours later, it will probably have dropped 6-8%.