Does Framework have a problem with YouTube?

Hey everyone I am currently using my framework laptop and something I have noticed is that the 13 laptop is running particularly slow on YouTube. I have “tested” this by using my old Windows surface laptop and this framework 13 laptop. Personally I have seen this laptop take long to load in a video and with the added weak speakers. Watching videos on the 13 laptop just isn’t a good experience.


the most important parts are missing!
Which OS are you running? Which versions? Are drivers uptodate?


Also, which browser and version?

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I am using Windows 11 and I am unsure if the drivers are up to date.
I am using Google on chrome.

Make sure you install the driver bundle from BIOS and Drivers Downloads

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Hey @Morpheus636,
I have looked at the link, and my bios version should be up to date as there is no new one.
I’m not to sure how how to download and install the driver safely. Can you link a video or guide on how to do so safely?
Greatly appreciated.

Click the driver bundle link for your machine.

Run the .exe, follow any prompts to install.

It’s quite simple really.

@Benjamin_Fisher @Morpheus636 Thank you for helping me out I just installed the new driver and I have not noticed a dramatic change but it feels a little smoother. I will try out YouTube and see if the problem has gotten better.
Thank you.


If you continue to have issues, can you run a speedtest on your internet to be sure this isn’t a wifi incompatibility issue? If you have an ethernet expansion card or USB-Ethernet dongle can you try cabling directly to your router?

Another thing you can try is to grab the latest drivers from Intel (wifi, graphics, subsystem, etc).

Use the below link to grab the Intel updating app. Click Get Started on screen and follow the prompts. The app will scan your system, offer upgrades that are available and install for you.

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Hi @Scott_H Scott,
Thanks for reminding me to do this. For some reason it slipped my mind to check for this. Besides the Intel link you shared would you recommend a speed tester I can do on my browser. I’m not the most tech savvy guy.
Many thanks

Hi. There’s plenty of them. However I suggest one with a packet loss test. You want 0% loss. Try this one. Or use Google, it’s your friend. Search “speed test with packet loss”.

Hey @Scott_H
I took the test and if I think my internet isn’t the problem

A couple of minor hiccups, but overall looks good. I assume you ran this test from your FW laptop? Lol

Have you tried YouTube from Edge or Firefox?

Sorry I forgot to do this last night I will give it a shot rn with firefox then edge. @Scott_H

@Scott_H I tested it out and YouTube feels great on Firefox. Edge was faster than Google and Firefox was the fastest.


Edge is based on Chromium so it should be similar to Chrome. Check to see what Extensions are installed in Chrome. You may have an Extension that is contributing to this issue. Disable or remove the ones you truly do not need. You can also try to go to Settings > Reset and follow the prompts to reset Chrome to factory defaults. I would suggest trying it out before signing back into your Google account. Just to make certain something from your Google account isn’t contributing to the problem.

Welcome to Firefox!
If you haven’t already, I’d suggest looking through some firefox extensions, a lot of great popular ones can be found with the “recommended” tag.

Of course ublock origin is a must for everyone.
Sponsor block is also great for youtube.

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@MJ1 @Scott_H
I have been messing around with firefox and google and I have noticed that firefox beats google by a noticeable amount. To clarify edge was marginally faster but noticeable enough.
For extensions I have Honey, Adblock, Google Dictionary, Google translate, iCloud passwords, and picture in picture. What do you guys recommend I change or add… for google. I am asking to give google a fair shot before I make a full switch. After I install the new add-ins I will try resetting Google as you mentioned before.
Many thanks,

ublock is available for Google Chrome. If that’s not your current adblocker then I’d suggest trying it instead (disabling your current adblocker). uBlock is regarded as the best, while also being lightweight.
Other extensions one uses is often up to personal preference.
On Firefox, personally, I like DeArrow for youtube, to reduce clickbait. I also have Return YouTube Dislike, so I can see when users have disliked a video a lot, indicating its junk, and Enhancer for YouTube.

Thank you I really appreciate it I will change out the ad blocker but I won’t add the others until I fully resolve this issue or switch over to firefox