Does Framework sell just the keyboard deck without the trackpad and keyboard?

Simple question. But I noticed they sell the keyboard itself separately, yet the full top cover comes with the deck, trackpad, keys, and fingerprint sensor.

Any plans in the future to just sell the deck separately (color choices(?), not that I need them).

I’m not a FW employee, but I think that they won’t sell the deck separately. If someone needs a different color, they can take the keyboard, trackpad, and fingerprint sensor out, and have it anodized in any color possible

Ah well. Is there anyone that makes aluminum/plastic decks without the holes for the keys/vent slits? As long as the bottom of the case can screw into something that wont snap after 50 in’s and out’s of a screw, I’ll take it. I just don’t have a use for any of the hardware that’s included with the deck, as good as it looks.

hello. I found IBM’s laptop-palmrest-as-a-peripheral thingy

They have modern ones as late as T220 I believe. Not a huge sale, but definitely interesting.
you can buy a palmrest (or just the keyboard) and 3D print a bottom case, but somebody need to come up with a circuit board to “convert” the keyboard and trackpad into a USB device you can plug in to.

I could do that (as in, have the necessary skills), but I have specification for neither the keyboard nor the trackpad.