Does partnership with AMD mean that there won't be other GPU options?

Strictly speaking, the AMD partner programs do not actually preclude companies from working with other chip makers or graphics card brands, which is pretty cool, but from what I remember they heavily incentivize via pricing and software support… in this instance, hardware support, too!

I only have seen the terms of the partnership deal as a software developer (Games) but yeah, they are very permissive. So it SHOULD be completely down to Intel and Nvidia if they wish to game a Battlemage or RTX solution for framework… fingers crossed they do! Because that would mean insanely awesome stuff for the entire laptop market! Not just framework… though it would probably benefit Framework A TON of course haha.

Why do you think that’s frightening and concerning?
You should actually be grateful.
Despite all the financial troubles and unfair competition AMD has been facing so far, they emerged with an amazing product, consumers take advantage of.
And unlike Intel, they didn’t resort to foul play. Here are a few examples of penalized foul play by Intel:

According to nrp, Framework started with Intel Processors due to technical limitations on AMD’s part.

Couldn’t find any issues about nVidia beside their Linux driver. Maybe their rumored B2B harassment is being shielded by NDAs.
Lately they’ve taken a half-hearted approach towards an open source graphics driver (Nvidia takes first step toward open source Linux GPU drivers | Ars Technica), being concluded by a linux developer as:

[…] “a net win for practical purposes” since the blob of proprietary code can be sandboxed more readily. “But no freedom was gained, for people who care about that. […] [About] the same amount of code is closed [as before].”

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The fact that one of their board partners straight up decided that making GPUs was no longer worth it (EVGA) despite it being basically the majority of their business tells me enough about NVIDIAs B2B practices.

I do hope that an Intel GPU comes to the 16" at least though, I’ve never owned one (I’ve owned AMD only for a really long time) I do think that having competition, especially competition on a laptop where you can swap GPUs is good for consumers.

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Agreed, I have never bought a Nvidia GPU and I never will. What happened with EVGA was just sad. I think eventually you will see other options, but I also think that the Nvidia module will not be a direct Framework product, but instead a third party product.

As to Nvidia being light years ahead, interesting things are happening on the ML front and I see Nvidia taking a hard dive in the not too distant future, it is what happens when you have been on top for too long.

Seeing how my 7900XTX and hundreds of other people’s… randomly cannot run certain games because of driver timeout errors that can crash the entire system etc, I don’t think Nvidia is at any risk. From this point onward after Framework I’m switching from AMD (25 years straight!) to Nvidia or Intel GPUs only.

Especially since AMD is ignoring hundreds of us, censored our threads on their reddit… made us go to the AMD support forum, and now ignore us there lol. I have very little faith AMD will even bother fixing these random crashes. Cyberpunk 2077 I can run maxed out in raytracing etc 1440P at 65 FPS, amazing. But Phantom Brigade I can play for as little as 2 minutes and my drivers CRATER. Darktide, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, such a random assortment of games. Unreal editor too, like I am a game developer, I need this for work and I can’t go into the UE editor lol.

It shows how much NVidia has slept on its glory and how broken the economy is.
This is why it’s frightening to me.

That indeed does sound concerning and AMD needs to get reminded of the goal of their “AMD Advantage” program in that case.
I’ve had my issues with nVidia dGPUs mostly burning out due to failing coolers, so I switched to AMD APUs and still am happy with that choice, currently owning a 3500U and a 5600G.
But I’m not a hardcore gamer, so I’m aware that’s not an option for you.

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I was unaware of these issues as I generally don’t keep track of what is happening on the Windows side of things. On linux the 7900XTX to my understanding works fine, and when I am talking about ML workloads…Windows does not even register at all.

Hope they figure out what is going on as it is clearly a hardware combination issue (RAM incompatiblity most likely) or a software (driver) issue. On another note this is literally (at least in the past) every linux users experience with Nvidia, never knowing when an update is going to break everything related to your card. Got one hybrid laptop (work issued) and it is still a fairly frequent issue these days. Good luck.


The thing though… people with dozens of different hardware combinations have the same issue and yeah it hits random applications, games, etc.

From G.Skill, Kingston, Samsung to HyperX… 16gb-64gb, it seems squarely int he driver suite and we’ve been hit with it for 6 months now. Like, I have run R9 290x for years, 7970hd, ATI 5600HD (Kept that one haha), I’ve always preferred ATI/AMD because of how long they last and despite small issues of the drivers… usually they were fixed in a few weeks.

This has been eight months now with no response or even acknowledgment, and they culled us from the Reddit moving us to the forums to where its less public, and continue to ignore us :/.

I spent $1350 CAD for this 7900XTX on a good discount! And when it works… I love it. XFX did a good job making the cooler etc. But not being able to rely on it for work or my gameplay? Heck… it’s stressful. I don’t even know if AMD is addressing it, I think they are honestly just making sure AAA big releases are fine.

I have a 7900xtx, how would I trigger this, I wanna test if mine does that too?

Main issue I had with this card so far (appart from the first one hard crashing the whole computer and having to be RMAd, replacement was fine) was the high idle power but that was massively reduced a while back and pretty much fixed with the latest drivers. Other than that smooth sailing.

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Yeah not being able to rely on a piece of gear is the pits. XFX usually makes damn solid graphics cards, but yeah it’s concerning if they are not addressing it. NVIDIA is just a complete non option for me being on Linux…it just sucks only having one giant company and then two smaller competitors on the GPU front. Does not leave many options.

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After digging some more using your hint, I found this case concerning nVidia’s B2B practices:

Did you guys saw the latest LTT video?

They tested AMD GPU for a month and the issues they had ranging from minor to complete game breaking issues (for me). For me it sounded that AMD is comparably less mature than NVIDIA.

I will daily drive the FW16 for everything, so some random BSOD or freezes are definitely a problem for me.

Has someone a new AMD GPU and can relate to all these problems? Would like to know if i need to switch to an eGPU setup with nvidia or if i can keep my current order with dGPU

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There are a few games that 100% do it for me, these being;

Warhammer 40k Darktide
Phantom Brigade
Deus Ex Manking Divided

There were some UE5 games that did it, and the UE5 editor nanite seems to trigger it often, too. The issue is this thign is VERY sporadic and random. After I changed the driver timeout delay to 2 hours, I played Phantom Brigade for 10 hours straight (lol yeah, really) and I was thinking that fixed it finally! I was going to do one last mission, and as soon as it started into the combat mission BAM crash. It never crashes on the world map… just combat. Same with Darktide, never crashes in the hub area… just the missions. Deus ex? Anywhere.

Some people report Armoured Core 6 does it, Starfield WAS doing it for awhile for all of us but that might have been an unrelated driver issue? It is fixed now after a driver update. I can play Cyberpunk 2077 perfectly fine, but others get the driver timeouts on it. I just tested 23.9.3 on Darktide by AMDs request… and yes, it still happens.

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Wow, yeah they are getting some of the exact same issues I am having to this day, and no they are not fixed… AMD is still talking to me but their only solutions are ever “DDU, please send MS32 and DxDiag” they thenr ead over it, release a new driver ask me to try it after DDU and… the EXACT SAME issue again. I cannot play some of my absolute favourite games. I cannot run the Unreal editor, and I am a game developer… working in a team where we might be transitioning to Unreal soon. I won’t be able to work on this PC, and I’ll have to get Nvidia just to work on it.

So no, these issues are not fixed… yet. Can AMD fix them? maybe… Starfield was having universal driver timeouts… they fixed that in a day. but what if your favourite game or your work application isn’t the second biggest launch this year? Then you’re SOL for now.

OK I got none of these so guess I just accidentally missed that then.

That one I got and played a lot of that since the 2.0 update, no crash of any kind in the 40h I put in it in the last 2 weeks.

Do you know if anyone has tried just a different 7900xtx? My first one that I had to rma caused some extremely weird symptoms that I initially blamed on everything else, that was not helped by the fact that it seemingly made the rest of my system more unstable and did react changes I made. It crashed less when I disabled boosting on my cpu or when I disabled half of it, it caused prime95 to throw errors on the core the os was running on and it was making memory tests fail that did not fail without it installed. I initially thought my power supply was borked so I got a different one, no dice, then I thought I degraded a core in my expensive ass cpu (cause of the prime95 errors even when massively under-clocked but only on the core windows was running on). RMAd, replacement card works like a charm with none of the issues the first one had so that must have been a hardware issue.

Not the same problem as yours though, sounds yours just crashes the game wit an error message, mine crashed the whole computer it was attached to, like crash-crash, no audio, no networking, no anything. The image on the monitor connected to it was black and the output on all other displays connected to my secondary gpu froze. It did that on windows and multiple versions of Linux and even on an entirely different system, was cursed as hell. I still don’t understand how a borked gpu was able to make prime95 fail but it apparently did.

This one I am not sure of… usually it goes a bit past the return date (30 days) by the time most run into the issue. It’s a real catch 22. XFX is offering an RMA but AMD is asking me to hold onto it to work with them for a bit more…

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All I knew was that if the Nvidia option was launched, the forums would be filled with posts saying “My graphics card doesn’t work properly on Linux”.


Framework is eventually going to have Nvidia cards and Intel processors on the 16-inch. 100% guaranteed. It’s almost a stupid question to ask if they will have that of course they will.