Does the 1280P has throttling issues?

I’m about to buy a Framework and intent to choose the 1280P
I’ve got lots of VM to run so I definitely need the cores

That being said I’ve read this article from NotebookChecks:
Core i5 beats Core i7: Alder Lake-P creates problems for manufacturers and customers - Reviews

I’ve never been much into laptop thermals so I was wondering if the Framework might have those throttling issues?
Will I be fine in this regard with the 1280P?
Or should I go for the 1240P? Because if the 1280P has throttling issues, according to NotebookCheck I’m might be better off cutting on the core with the 1240P but get much better overall performance because that CPU won’t throttle (or not as much)

I’m getting my 1280P board tomorrow. I use a lot of VMs too, so I will do some tests.


Did you get around to doing any tests?

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Okay so I wanted to give the new board a good shot, so I installed fresh Windows 11. I had the computer in best performance. I tried 4 VMs at the same time and some cores did thermal throttle at some points. I personally did not see an issue because of this, no slow downs. The fan was going crazy though. The VMs were brand new images so I will keep testing after fully setting them up.

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Did you have some big load in your VMs or were there just idling?

The VMs were Windows Server, Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04.1, & Pop_OS! 22.04. All of them, with the exceptions of Ubuntu, were installing the OS. Ubuntu was just running the live ISO. Later, Pop_OS!, Windows 10, and Windows Server were doing updates. At the very end I was adding AD, DHCP, and DNS to the Windows Server.
Windows Server was running with 4 cores & 4GB of RAM.
Windows 10 was running with 1 core & 2GB of RAM.
Ubuntu was running with 2 cores & 4GB of RAM.
Pop_OS! was running with 2 cores & 4GB of RAM.

Would be interesting to know if someone running a similar workload on a i5-1240P has similar throttling or not