Does the 12th gen DIY come with a wifi card by default?

Because I saw no option to add one when ordering.

For the two lower-end models (i5-1240P and i7-1260P) it comes with the AX210 non vPro preinstalled. The i7-1280P comes with the AX210 with vPro preinstalled.


I’ve ordered a DIY i5-1240P and was trying to find an answer to whether it came with WiFi 6E or not as “WiFi 6E” is excluded from the description of the i5 model. As they both have the same AX210 wifi hardware, is there a difference with the antenna that restricts WiFi 6E or is it just a miss in the i5’s description?


@sev-8, good catch. My guess is that it is a mistake in the description. @FrameworkBee and @TheTwistgibber, apologies for tagging you directly, but I’m certain to whom this ought to be directed. I’m confident that you will be able to determine it, and to tag us back letting us know who to tag for things like this going forward. Thanks!


AX210 supports 6E, it’s just the prebuilts.

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@sev-8 All 12th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptops, Prebuilt and DIY, globally, will come with the WiFi card preinstalled. The configurator for the i5-1240P shows that the AX210 is included in the DIY listing. There was an issue at launch with the descriptions, but has since been fixed.


Maybe I didn’t describe the problem well. This is what I see on the first page of the DIY configurator. The i7 models both mention WiFi 6E, the i5 does not.

Edit: This is for gb/en

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Ahhh, I see what you’re saying. The “AX210 WiFi” line exists, but the “WiFi 6E” text is missing inline with the CPU listing. I’ll escalate this to our e-commerce engineering team for resolution. Thank you!


I bought a DIY back in the beginning and this from Belarc:

11th Gen Core i5-1135G7
Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 160MHz

So does this one have a restricted 6E or not?


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Thanks, that’ll make it clearer for everyone :+1:

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I had this very question and happy it has a positive answer. Now i dont need to buy a wireless card aswell :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A bit more clear description of wireless being included would help yes thanks you for escalating it.

All AX210 supports 6E which will be in all DIY models, the prebuilts come with AX201 which support WIFI 6

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Good to know. As I had a replacement motherboard, I was curious about what I had. Belarc cleared that up and your reassurance did the rest. Tks.

I am someone who would like the top tier i7 here but does not want the wifi card with vpro, is that also an option?

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