Does the GPU module come with an interposer?

I got my FW16 without the GPU. If I were to purchase the Graphics Module from the marketplace, would it come with the interposer needed to connect it to the mainboard, or would I need to purchase that separately? I can’t find any information that says it comes with it, and the listing doesn’t say anything either. I’d hate to buy the module (when it comes back in stock) just to have to wait another week to get an interposer, but would hate spending an extra $30 if it does come with one.

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I’ve seen several people ask about an unknown part that they got, when they ordered both the GPU and the non-GPU shell, which turned out to be the GPU interposer, so I would assume that it comes with the GPU. Better to wait until someone more knowledgeable weighs in though.

I ended up reaching out to support and they said the following:

The Graphics Module​ sold in the Marketplace ships with the required interposer so the interposer does not have to be purchased separately.


To add onto that, should you lose your interposer for whatever reason, they sell replacements in the store.