Doesn't recognize "sleep" key


I don’t know if this is a niche issue, but I just realize my Framework 13 doesn’t recognize the “sleep” key from my keyboard. I’m referring to the “sleep” key configured with VIA. My framework is on Windows 11, and my work Surface does recognize the key and goes to sleep when hit. Also, my previous HP laptop use to recognize it. All used in the same setup.

Is there something somewhere I can change to correct this?


Do you mean Framework 16? As the FW13 keyboard does not use Via.

Assuming you mean 16, you probably just need to tell windows what to do when it receives the sleep key. QMK does list the sleep keycode as receivable in windows (not all keycodes are).

Looking into it a bit more, it seems Windows doesn’t have a standard hotkey or shortcut for going to sleep? Despite it seeming like such a standard thing. There are various methods of creating a sleep shortcut or hotkey What is the hotkey to put my Windows to sleep? - Super User

Hello. No, I truly mean 13.

I’m referring to an external keyboard that is VIA compatible. I’ve been using that keyboard for over 2 years now. Sometimes with VIA, sometimes with QMK. The “Sleep” (KC_SLEP) always worked.

I’m wondering why it is not with the Framework 13. Any with a mechanical keyboard willing to try and confirm?


Your previous HP laptop that responded to QMK’s sleep was Windows 11 too? That’s odd.

I have QMK/Vial on my 15 button mouse, but I don’t have win11 to test QMK’s sleep keycode on.