Dongle Hider

And sometimes have quite different performance between bt and dongle.

Though on my t480s I did the internal unifying dongle mod mostly because of the instant connect (and to see if I can).


I also have an Ergo, in anticipation of getting an FW16, specifically because it has bluetooth. However while i wait I am using it with its dongle, and it has an annoying habit of sleeping and taking a couple of seconds of scrolling or ball rolling to get the pointer to move. I’m hoping I don’t get this when on bluetooth.

I have improved my 3D printed mouse dongle holder. This version uses duel matter printing to do the mouse icon but it could be made without. I have attached the files in case anyone else has the same cheap mouse as me and wants to make it.

The main part is the core of the expansion card while the mouse icon insert needs to be lined up with the cutout in your slicer if you want to do dual colour printing or just filling out the area in the main part.

Mouse Dongle Expansion Card - Main part.stl (110.1 KB)
Mouse Dongle Expansion Card - Mouse Icon Insert.stl (72.7 KB)


Great design! I’m trying to print using ASA but the corners keep lifting up. I’d like to add some corner adhesion anchors (Ref Slant 3D). Are you able to share the STEP file or other lossless format? Thanks.

I know it’s been a while, but with framework 16s starting to ship I figured I would renew my offer - I just saw Framework | Expansion Card Shell Pack (20-pack) while looking on the marketplace, and I thought it might be possible to repurpose those for a dongle hider. It wouldn’t be perfect (there would still be a hole where the displayport was, though that could be good for signals getting though), but it might be nicer to have an aluminum cover instead.

In any case, if other people want one I have some USB C to A adapters ready, and should you be willing to pitch in for part of it, I can order a 20 pack of those shells, outfit them as necessary for a dongle hider, and ship them off to whatever location it is. If that sounds interesting, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can.

The forms won’t let me upload a STEP file but I can share the Onshape document