DongleHider+ - Multiple dongles and a normal USB A socket

Corrected it.

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How come? Just curious.

Sendle is more expensive than my current FedEx rates

Thanks @Josh_Cook, just took delivery of mine (UK). I’ll play around with adding the dongle later today. Looks great though.

Received mine and installed, works a charm! Thanks, @Josh_Cook and @LeoDJ !

First time ever soldering tiny wires to tiny boards, so excuse the excess solder, just wanted to make sure it held.


do you have a pic of the dongle soldered in?

Click the link attached.

Got mine here in NY today. Couldn’t be happier! Now to just find some time to get it done. Maybe one day this decade…

Looking forward to getting the dual usb-c port cards that are still a ways out!

Thanks Josh!

Addendum: grrrr i spent more time than i wanted to figure out why i had an old receiver in an old machine and it wouldn’t pair. Heat, heat, more heat from the years and once i found it, and age (come at me bro!) pulled the plastic apart like nothing

Great to hear people have been receiving their units, if you have any feedback at all, please let me know, whether that be regarding packaging, delivery, or quality.

Received mine today as well. Soldering the Logitech (G305 in my case) dongle was very easy with my standard soldering iron. I kind of expected the unit to come with a “boxy” plastic cover, but the top is exposed. Dumb me I guess. I’ll make a transparent top piece because I don’t like exposed PCBs.
The unit works really well, tested with the dongle installed and an external SSD on the 3.0 port the mouse cursor only hiccupped a little when recognizing the disk, but buttery smooth even when stress testing the SSD.
Very pleased overall. Absolutely worth it. Good job Josh!

Oh it doesn’t have a top cover? I also don’t like having the PCB exposed, but oh well. I don’t have a 3D printer or anything so I guess I’ll just work with that. Shouldn’t bother me much once it’s slotted in.

Let me be EXTRA clear:
You DO NOT want to miss out on this card only because of the top cover. It does its job well, and installation is easy.
The “exposed” PCB is the way it is because the usb-A port is thick, so there simply is no space for a top cover. Once installed the whole card is protected by the laptop itself, and the bottom layer is nice and thick to prevent damage. Its purpose is to live inside the laptop all day and help you avoid the hassle of continuously taking out your dongle, so the openness of the design is not a problem whatsoever.
Again, good job Josh!


You might be able to get away with a basic friction fit top cover if you wanted to print one

This is how it looks, using ONLY what’s delivered.


You can’t even tell these were 3D printed, damn.

Textured print bed :wink: I’ve been wanting a filament printer since seeing how far they’ve come.

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My Bambu Labs X1CC has been an excellent production machine so far.

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Can you confirm if my order was sent with this batch or the next one?
(messaging through the shop is a bit hard)

It might be good to change my address if it’s not expected to arrive in the next 2 weeks as I will be away for a bit and it would be sad if it was sent back.

Your order will be in the next batch which I should receive next week, if you want to change your address, send me an email at

PCBs for the 2nd batch have been produced, currently waiting for the assembly to begin, my current estimate is next week for all pending orders to go out. I’ve also just finished printing all 100 enclosures and added a variant option to allow you to select the colour of the enclosure on my store (black, white, silver)