Double power supply support on framework 16

Here is the issue, i have the 180 watt charger that came with my framework 16 and it works great for most applications. However, I found when I am gaming, the laptop drains battery somehow. i have a 100 watt Mac book charger that i have plugged into another port on the laptop, but the laptop only seams to want to take power from one adapter. My question is, will there possibly be support for double power supply in the future through a firmware update or something?

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I don’t have any special insight into what Framework has in mind, but from what I know of hardware, I doubt that it would be feasible to add support for two separate power supplies simultaneously. The systems involved just weren’t designed with that in mind.

It shouldn’t be necessary soon, in any case. I’m sure that several power-supply companies are working on a 240W charger, it’s just a matter of which one finishes its testing and gets it out the door first.


I asked the same question a while ago, saying if we can get 2X180W or 4X60W or 180W+60W to work and the answer is negative. I hope Framework makes an EC firmware update to support it

If everything is on max performance the 180 watt adapter is not quite enough. Someone mentioned that if they kept it just one level down (balanced?) it stopped draining the battery they just lost a little bit of framerate. Not ideal, though until future firmware and power adapters are available that is one solution.

Having multiple power inputs over USBC is a bit more complicated than it seems. There are some development boards that will put out 240W over USBC but they are engineering samples if I read correctly.

I think having more usb c power supplies feeding the fw16 with power might need extra electronics in the fw16.
I think it is not an elegant solution. An elegant solution is for a 240w single usb c power supply. One cable, and problem solved. Once a 240w psu is available, the work and extra electronics to get 2 usb-c psu to work would be not needed any more.

240W PSU and docking station, please, so there really is only one cable to connect. Just asking myself why the FW16 has 6 (7 with dGPU) ports, though :innocent:

I don’t have the dGPU, so the Dell 240W dock is sufficient for me even with only one cable connected and thus at half power.

I think if this was possible it would be a game changer for gaming laptops. It would potentially allow for up to 480W of charging although via 2 cables rather than one. That would allow for really power laptops but cooling would be the biggest issue with that. I think the most likely scenario would be to offset based on the chargers available. So imagine the max of 240W but split between 2 120W chargers or any combination of lower wattage chargers. Like if you’re on a flight that has 60W USB and you supplement that with a battery.

The only way I could see two chargers being allowed is if they come out with a dGPU that is a real power hog, so one charger is used to supply that and a second one for the rest of the laptop as is done now.

There have been laptops with dual power supplies in the past. FW would best implement this by running the power for a dGPU directly into the dGPU unit. This would make possible running something like the 7900s 180w mobile GPU, which, even with a 240w adapter, is pushing it.

Has it been confirmed that the FW 180w adapter is not enough? I never ran any combined tests, but the hardest I could hit the CPU sustained with 55w (CB R23, P95 Small FFTs) and the GPU was 90W (Port Royal and Speedway loops). Gaming should be less than the hypothetical 145w load, but even if not that leaves ~30w for everything else. Are they downstream USB devices pulling sizable loads?

I’m happy overall with my FW16 and support the concept, but they definitely had to make a lot of compromises. Or choose to… My previous Lenovos did 100w USB C charging and had 300w traditional bricks. Bulkier and heavier chargers to be sure, but obviously no power issues with 300w available.