Drive Numbering Question

Sorry, silly newbie question. I just got my Framework 16 in, put it together, created a boot drive and am now installing Win 11. I have two M2 drives in both 2TB a 2230 WD770 and a 2280 WD850X. I want my OS on the 2280 but since I have two drives in both 2TB when asked which drive to install the OS on Drive 0 or Drive 1…I am unsure which one is the 2280 and which is the 2230. Now I recognize I could pull everything back apart, take out the 2230 and it would resolve the issue. I am trying to prevent that. Does anyone know which drive is which…any way to tell? Thanks.

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And this is why I asked if Framework could allow for us to disable the interfaces in the BIOS so we can avoid stuff like this.

Unlike other laptops that’s quick to get in and out, the mid-plate has so many screws!

Although, 1 tip: you can plug in external keyboard and mouse and leave the mid-plate off and do what you need to do before you butting things back up. The laptop will boot without the mid plate. I think I showed this in my YouTube video somewhere…

I don’t remember which one is drive 0 and which one is 1. I’d have to check to be sure (laptop not near me right now). If I recall, I think the 2230 is drive 0, and the 2280 is drive 1. I think I remember being kinda bothered by the order (2280 being the faster drive, I wanted it to be drive 0 for booting), but… I settled in with 2230 as my Linux drive (where I spend most my time anyways), and 2280 as my Windows drive for games.

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Thanks…I just bit the bullet and pulled the 2230 off, just completed windows install and now going to go back in and put the 2230 back on. I should have thought about the keyboard and mouse option myself…genius. Thanks for the response.

On my machine, drive 0 is the 2230 and drive 1 is the 2280

After pulling my 2230, that was how mine was as well. Thanks

Okay weird. In Windows 11 now, and my 2280 drive is Disk 0. My 2230 drive is Disk 1.

When installing my OSes, I made sure it was the only drive when I installed. I wonder if that would change the way it identifies itself.

Just booted into Fedora, and it shows my 2230 on nvm0n1 and my 2280 drive as nvme1n1.

So I’m wondering if it always shows “Disk 0” as whatever the OS is installed on. Weird, as I thought it may have been tied to some kind of identifier on hardware.

From what little I found reading about it, it sounds like on some boards it is tied to port location and on some it is software determined and changeable. Not sure which the Framework is. I went back and revalidated that 2230 is 0 and 2280 is 1 in my current configuration.

General rule of thumb, it’s always backwards of what makes sense.

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This rule applies to a lot of things, but the rule I find that accompanies it is eventually I start to remember the correct order. What “makes sense” then flips, and thus I have to start all over.


Oh gosh, yes. Can relate.