Dry erase spacers?

Just a quick idea… i think theyd be easy to do and be another cheaper add on to a keyboard deck. Having a medium sized dry erase module in place of the numpad would be fun.


We prototyped a sticky note medium sized input module with a slim pen holder.


That is horrible, I love it so much.

on this, it wouldn’t be hard to diy. They sell dry erase and chalkboard paint that works reasonably well a person could likely just use that on their included spacers. Might need, at worst, to sand it down a bit. With a 3d print module that juts out to hold a pen you’re set. or, just cut it off a dollar store dry erase board and hot glue it to the back.

I cannot wait to see the insanely niche or mostly useless junk people are going to make for this system. Why not have an integrated fidget spinner, scratchpad like discussed here, magnetic screw bed (careful with that one), or if someone can shove it in even a tomagochi style pet with that prototype screen.

I’ll participate but mostly in spirit. Imma make a self destruct module. Every time you open it, a small spike comes up to break your screen when you close it.


Have you guys thought about an e-ink module? you could take notes directly on it and save the notes in an app.



I suspect the projected price got that idea filed away… neat though.

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That might even be doable with the current LED matrix.