Dual/Mutliple motherboard usage for future desktops?

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new to the framework community and don’t have that much knowledge/insight on laptops, etc.

So after watching the livestream (with gen 13, amd, gaming laptop version) a question popped up in my head concerning the reusage of the old mobo as a Standalone-Module:

Could you, in the future where the next generations will be out, use two or multiple “older” motherboards in one Standalone-Module/Desktop? Like having multiple mobos in one Mainboard Case. Is it even possible from a “software” standpoint?

Just to clarify my question: using two or more motherboards for one OS

The grand idea here would be that you could possibly stretch out the usage/longevity of a mobo instead of throwing it away.

Much obliged for your later answers/opinions.

It’s not possible to do that on a hardware or software level. However, you could run them as one server cluster using a hypervisor like proxmox to run vms.