Dual screen on AMD Ryzen 7040 Series

I received my computer a few days ago and bought an HDMI port that I position in 4 to extend the display on a second screen. I’m using Windows and unfortunately, I can only display a copy of the Framework screen and not an extension of the display… Any idea how to solve my problem?

Try pressing F9 (or Fn+F9 depending on your Fn-lock setting). Does that change anything?

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I can just say that it is working on mine laptop with a HDMI expansion card and a 4K monitor plugged in. So it’s not a problem if the laptop or HDMI expansion card itself at least.

There’s nothing wrong with the laptop or HDMI card as OP is getting display out. It’s just a Windows setting that changes whether the second screen is an extension or mirror of the first screen. Alternatively, you can change it in Display Settings.

If running any Linux distro, hitting Super/Windows key + D should allow you to extend the display to the other screen as well.

Can confirm multi screen works at least with my usb-c display and 2 1440p screens on a lenovo dock that I tested.