Due date of paying full bill for Batch5?

I just paid the deposit for Batch 5 and I wonder what would happen if I forgot to pay the rest part before the shipment is ready? What is the due date of the bill?

They will automatically charge your card.


You also will get a reminder email before they charge your card for final payment. There are no surprises. In fact, I just ordered another one for my wife and this is what is said on the confirmation page after submitting your order:

We’ve got your deposit!

Here’s what to expect next:

  1. We’ll send you a follow up email before we prepare your order for shipping. You’ll have the opportunity to order accessories or make adjustments to your shipping address at that point.
  2. We’ll then collect the balance on your order and ship your product out to you!

While you wait, check out the Framework Community and our blog, where we’ll continue to post updates on the path to shipping.

Feel free to reach out to Support for any questions, order modifications, or feedback.