eGPU for

I have no experience with eGPU’s - might anyone have some advice? Anyone with experience? Are there any reasons why it’s safe to assume that it will be either an easy or problematic process?
As far as I understand eGPU’s work on some PC’s and on others they can be buggy or even not work.
I need the external GPU for rendering architectural projects

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There is a pretty extensive thread here on the topic, and more discussions throughout the forum. Just search for “egpu” and you’ll find quite a bit.

Seems like there are some good working solutions out there. Hope you find some helpful info.

I have been able to borrow a Razer eGPU with an Nvidia GTX 1080. I have been able to play Halo internet and run an ETH miner no problem. However I’ve had inconsistenient results with War Hammer. I don’t think that that is an issue because of the laptop but I need to do some more testing to find out.

tb connect for egpu is very unstable due to the low bandwith. Anything above 1060 to connect tb(pcie3x4@32gbps) egpu is not worth it. However, if you manage to have pcie4x4@64gbps or equalivlant, you would have no problem even with a 3090

I appreciate your answer, but I hardly understand it. How would i ‘manage’ to have whatever pcie4x4@64gbps is?

Thanks for your replies. I’ll do some further research, but already now it looks like it’s at the least not impossible. Thanks

I am currently using a razer core x with a gtx 1060 and havent experienced any issues with the exception of occasional disconnecting when waking from sleep. A simple unplug and replug seems to fix this though. Also as an aside I use windows primarily and while I have dabbled with linux (particularly Fedora on FW laptop), I have noticed that fedora in particular does not like the setup and crashes with the egpu. Granted Fedora does not have Nvidia specific drivers and something like ubuntu that includes the proprietary drivers might work better.

if you manage to use the nvme as the gpu workaround, you will have significant improvement in performance. yet you need to boot from external nvme since there is only one m2 slot. thunderbolt is just not as good as it used to be

as you use the egpu in professional use, you need to consider the data exchange, if it is rather frequent and massive in file sizes, you would need to consider the nvme option, if it was more like make the structure and let it run for itself, thunderbolt would be just ok. then you would just need a egpu case like razer corex.

@Gu_tally do you know anyone who has successfully booted either windows or Ubuntu from and SSD in an external case? I am trying everything I can think of and have had no lick