EGPU with beast 8.5 and AMD board

The pcie bus doesn’t know what a wifi port is, you should se the name of your ssd if it show us, something like “samsung mass storage device” or something along those lines.

the system is now fully set up (part of solution was to remove windows). the Samsung 990 ssd is in an external case and plugged into the top left port of the cooler master case. the system boots by default from this to ubuntu 23.10.1 (note that I did not have to change any boot setting or bios settings). the RX7600 is connected to a adt-k43sg and powered directly by an atx power supply. this was done to ensure the card could pull the full 165w it is rated for (i was not sure if the pass through power on the k43sg had power limits). the m.2 M key of the k43sg is plugged into the ssd slot of the amd mainboard.

a few notes about the setup:

  1. even the 50cm cable on the k43sg seems limiting when connecting to the coolermaster.
  2. an example of performance is that BG3 runs on ultra setting with no issues and rocket league at levels equal to or better than my xbox one.
  3. the k43sg has 3 switches, i did not change any of them

thanks to all that helped.

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Forced linux conversion lmao.

Connecting it directly does not hurt, the pass-through is primarily if you a power-brick or something that has only one output.

Long pcie cables are hard, expensive and potentially quite problematic for setups that don’t expect them.

Nice, then again those are 2 games that would probably have run reasonably well on it integrated gpu XD.

You probably don’t have to, one is to force turn on the psu which you obviously don’t need and I forgot what the other one does.

@Adrian_Joachim thanks for all the help with this. I am not giving up on windows yet but am going to try windows 2 go on something other than my SSD until I can prove it works.

In rocket leagues case it would run on integrated graphics but the system could not keep up (supper laggy) so it was basically unplayable with any real players in multiplayer. Bg3 just laughed but is turned base so the major upgrade is the graphics.

Are you at all familiar with nvtop? I am using it to look at GPU performance and notice under power is show x/145w. I’m thinking this means I can’t pull more than 145w but don’t know why that would be if the rx7600 is speced at 165w.

Also a side by side of rocket league on PC vs Xbox (PC to the right)

Windows 2 go should work but I didn’t know they made that for win11

First of all why are you using nvtop with an amd card? Why not amdgpu_top? Seecond I’d asume it shows the currently used power and not the max and the specified power is more of a sugestion anyway and can usually be adjusted quite a bit by the cards bios and the driver.

@Adrian_Joachim my latest understanding is that they removed win2go from windows 11 install tool but it can be done with Rufus ( will be testing that later today). The only reason I’m using nvtop was that it was the first tool I could find to display GPU processing stats. I could try amdgpu_top but looks like is is only available from a github repository. Is installing from GitHub fairly easy compared with apt installs?

You can use KVM/Qemu and pass through a raw disk device (e.g. USB or external SSD), and install Windows 11 onto that in a VM.
Then you can just boot from that disk drive on the FW itself and it should just work.

@Michael_Perrotta So curiousity got me and I got an a+e to m-key adabter. Mine seems to work just fine, ssd shows up as I’d expect it to. Can’t be bothered to try and install windows on it though but pretty sure it should work.

@Adrian_Joachim that is awesome. It is possible my m to e key converter was faulty…the shipper has the ribbon cable completely folded on half. I will likely try the a virtual machine option first for windows but could fall back to the e key option if needed.

Windof2go is probably the easier option of you can get it to run. It definitely works with win10, I have a few terrible usb drives with it on there to do firmware updates and stuff that require windows.

@Adrian_Joachim Can you link any guides with how to make a win2go usb…i have not gotten it to work in any way yet (never finishes install because it finds an issue it cant fix)

Something like this?

@Adrian_Joachim that is perfect. this is almost the same instructions i have fallowed in the past except this one mentions the importance of ntfs file system. i am not sure what rufus was set to before but i will attempt another install when i can (have to use wife’s computer as i don’t have windows on this one any more)

finally got windows installed to the external ssd…it is windows 10 though (couldn’t get 11 working). games run great but i find it odd that video out of the graphics card does not start until the computer is ready to log into an OS (windows or Linux) about 40 seconds after i hit my start button. if i connect a thunderbolt cable directly to the comp and the monitor i see the framework logo pop up about 5 seconds after hitting my power button. any idea why that might be happening or what setting could fix that? it makes me think dual booting would never be an option because grub would just choose a default OS long before i would ever see the option screen for OS boot.