Evidently Framework is compelling other manufacturers to improve repairability

So I decided to check out System76 again to see if they were offering 12th gen Intel laptops and now they are! Seeing that they offer Coreboot (please Framework, offer this!) I decided to just browse the GitHub page and noticed this…

System76 isn’t Dell or HP but a win for repairability is a win regardless. Not sure if this was their policy pre-Framework but it looks like it is now.


Good catch! I didn’t know that.

System76 has a repairing guide for each product. Though it’s not so cool like Framework’s one. - Parts & Repairs - System76 Technical Documentation

System76 was doing this campaign last month related to the right to repair. - https://twitter.com/system76/status/1542919268093685760

If you consider buying System76’s Intel 12th gen laptop, I would recommend you to check their Reddit page.

My personal biggest concern about the System76 products is around supporting Fedora Linux. System76 will contribute to the upstream to fix the hardware issues. So, technically eventually Fedora should work on System76’s products. But as far as I know, in the Fedora project, no one is working to support Fedora Linux on System76, and I don’t see any collaboration between Fedora and System76.

While Framework is inclusive for many Linux distributions. Even when Framework doesn’t support *BSD by themselves, I have seen the Framework encourages *BSD ecosystem. - Framework | Linux on the Framework Laptop

In my impression, System76 is passionate about only their flagship OS: Pop OS and Ubuntu.


System 76 was already allowing customers to get schematics of their products before framework existed.

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Wasn’t sure of this but neat to know!

Louis Rossman did an interview with the CEO and they mentioned it there → System76 laptop engineer SUPPORTS Right to Repair; interview with Louis Rossmann - YouTube. I was actually going to buy a system 76 laptop but there are too many reports on reddit of subpar to ok build quality since their using clevo laptops.


@Chris_J I’ll give that a watch! Thanks!