Exact dimensions of Display in mm

Hi Everyone,

I wondered if anyone could measure the exact dimensions of the Display for me. Not the outline of the frame, but the real measures. I can’t find anything but the the pixels or the frame dimensions.

Thanks very much in advance

Hi welcome.

if you have done some research you may have found

Weight: 412.2g Dimensions: 297mmx 9mm x 229 Width:

What are you looking for it has been mentioned in numerous posts :scream:

Try reading the specs :slight_smile:

hi Amoun,

thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately i think you should properly read what i wrote :wink:

I dont need the dimensions of the frame (which is what you wrote) and I dont need the pixels. of course i found both those numbers. I need the dimensions of the viewable part of the display. The actual display so to say.

thanks a lot again and have a nice evening (or day or wherever you are from)

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I didn’t write the dimensions I directed you to link where you can read the display dimensions, which is what you asked for ??

The glass on mine is 288 x 192