Expansion card case for tabs

Due to the increasing number of tabs that support USB C, I am thinking what if we make a cover for tabs to which we can add the framework’s USB modules?

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and it supports a lot of functions that my dock has. USB A, HDMI, USB C PD passthrough, and ethernet. I read PadOS is also now increasing support for USB C accessories. I feel I am not able to use my Tab to the full extent due to limited in-built i/o but not the OS. Samsung has managed to build a really good OS for tabs.

There are no other standardized USB C modules like Framework. So, if we can build such cases, even non-framework users will be able to take advantage of the amazing modules you guys build. Imagine having an iPad with a MicroSD expansion slot with framework accessories :slight_smile:
What do you guys think of this idea?

Edit: we will need a USB ribbon cable like this to connect to the case. We can fix a particular slot for USB PD.

Edit2: the case will function as a USB C to USB C hub like this product on Amazon. I know the overall bandwidth will be limited by the Tab’s port, we can still add functionality.