Expansion Card for iphone headphones?

Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have a typical headphone jack.

Is there an expansion card I can buy that will route audio into my Apple headphone wire? (e.g. I guess i want a Framework Expansion Card that accepts the Lightning male adapter?) Thanks!

Maybe a lightning to USB-C adapter. You could google to check if it works (if it works elsewhere, then it should on Framework).

There are lighting to USBC adaptors that work with the headphones, but not all. Some do data but do not do OTG data, which the wired headphone needs to work. So make sure you get a compatible one if you go this route.

In fact, you could try putting the adaptor inside an expansion card to have a lighting expansion card.

What an unholy sight that would be.

Luckily, Apple is being forced to move to USB-C thanks to EU.

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like if i just buy one of these, then will the audio route to my Apple headphones?

not sure

i’m on Windows 11


Bluetooth works. Is this a fidelity thing?

i have the old school wired Apple headphones always in my ears. Dont want to carry 2 headphones

Thought the old school had a headphone jack? The new ones have a lightning jack to a usbc for charging. I have never tried just plugging in, always connected with bluetooth.

Yes, it can work if you buy the right lightning to USB-C adapter. But you’d have to research.

There is a question box on amazon listings, typing in there brings up matching reviews & manufacturer information (if they provided any).

For the adapter you linked, 3 customer reviews say it doesn’t work for apple’s earbuds.

To be honest, it would be just easier to get normal earbuds & use an adapter for your iphone. Apple has an official adapter.

Future iphones will be doing away with the lightning plug anyway. So your current lightning earbuds won’t work without an adapter with your next iphone, presuming you stick with iphones.

No, they will not. They say in the description that the adaptor does not support OTG. As I already told you in my previous message, you need an adaptor that supports OTG.

Let me explain in more detail. The adaptors you linked support data transfer, as in when you connect the iPhone to a computer, because the computer acts as the host. But these adaptors will not allow your iPhone to act as the host, for that to work you need OTG. Your usb wired ear buds need the iPhone to act as the host, therefore you need OTG, not only data sync.

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