Expansion card power drain

Though it may help to have list of the drain each expansion card uses.
I will update this as I get new and more accurrate data.

I noticed that as soon as plug in the mains two of my expansion cards ‘draw’ power, so it’s not happening when in hibernate only when connected and switched off.

&microSD with no card > 1.5W
256 GB SSD < 0.5

These are taken from a power supply that only records watts so the figures although fairly accurate overall may not be proportionaly accurate.

NOTE: I should say that I am surprised this happens just by connecting power, but it has little impact as it doesn’t drain the battery when unplugged or in hiberantion and the whole laptop, when fired up, only uses 11W and 5W in sleep

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From my tests, drain over baseline, 11th gen board.

1x USB A +0.4W

2x USB A +0.8W

1x HDMI +0.28W

2x USB A +0.8W

1x USB A and 1x HDMI +0.9W

2x USB A and 1x HDMI +1.15W

Tested with a USB tester between laptop and it’s power brick so exactly what goes into the laptop.

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These loads I think are down to the motherboard instigating some protocols rather than the actual expansion cards using the power. As there is no drain on the battery when powerd down and yet there is a drain from a power source when plugged in yet powered off. All a bit perverse.

I can see how so much power can be used for basically, nothing ??

I should add my set up is 11th Gen dual boot Win11 and Ubuntu 22.04