Expansion Card Suggestions

To put it simply, the Framwork laptop has stole my interest. I have a few ideas for Expansion Cards

*LTE card, so you can bring it with you and not have to worry about wifi.

*Battery extension card, I dont know if this would be as effective given their size, but it would be cool. Because it could be used either to power the laptop itself longer, or used as a battery pack for your phone that has a nice and small form factor.

*Custom button card, this could be a physical button coming out of the side sticking out, which can be programmed to do whatever you please.

*Volume control card, this would be a card with a small touch pad on the side sticking out, which you slide your finger across to control volume, or anything that can be throttled up and down.

*Screen recorder card? I dont really know the physical demands of a capture device, but from my experience using software to record my screen reduces performance by quite a bit. The recorder card would have just a red button on it, pressing it will make it glow red as in you are recording your screen. Pressing it again will stop recording and save to the drive.



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Those are good suggestions, but I think you might want to add them to this earlier thread by the Framework Team with the same topic:


I was not aware of the multiple posts i made. I hit post and it kept showing error 500 but i guess they all posted anyway. Very sorry.

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No problem, happens to the best of us. Just refresh the site next time, works like a charm for me

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I love the LTE card idea

I am in the Army, and I would love to see a Smart Card Reader expansion card. The problem is I think it’ll be two of these expansion cards together to be able to fit a PIV or a CAC into it. The other issue with that is that in this form factor (13.5") there is that pillar between the expansion modules that would keep you from building a double card to stick a smart card reader into. We might need a redesign or even a 15-16" model for that to work.

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I was thinking about an RJ45 jack for ethernet but idk if you can get it to be thin enough (even with this flap mechanism modern laptops have) but how about an fiber optic transceiver? That’s probably not gonna fit considering how big sfp adapters are but I don’t know so can someone confirm whether that would be physically possible?

What about a small mechanical keyboard with two programmable keys?