Extended list of keyboard variants causing shipping delay

Framework has confirmed that the following keyboards caused delays

"The corrected list of keyboard modules impacted by the delay in Batch 1 are as follows:

  • RGB Clear ANSI (10 total)
  • International English (30 total)
  • Blank ANSI (8 total)
  • Blank ISO (8 total)
  • Traditional Chinese (Cangjie & Zhuyin) (2 total)
  • International English - Linux (48 total)"

Having ordered Framwork 16 in early Batch 2 with the Chinese Keyboard: Is it possible Framework just sends the notebook without keyboard for now and send the keyboard later?

No, I don’t think so. They’ll just continue with the orders they can fulfill (including the updated ones) and send out full kits as soon as the missing components come in.

Which makes sense, imo. They still have a big queue of people waiting and this is the fastest way of getting through all of those orders.

No, they state so in their email that others have posted. The laptop won’t run without a keyboard plugged in, so it makes little sense to ship it without one.

The laptop does run without a keyboard, you just have to tap the power button once to confirm booting without.

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I have read somewhere,which I cannot find right now, where Framework stated they ship the notebook without some particular delayed part (I think spacers or RGB pad or sth.) and will ship that part later once available.

…two Black Spacers that will temporarily take the place of the RGB Macropad since all positions on the Input Deck must be filled for the laptop to be operational.


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They replaced the RGB macropad orders with two input spacers so that those orders can ship immediately. The RGB macropads are being delivered separately when they finally come in. The arrangement allows customers to use their systems without the macropad rather than waiting on the macropad to become available. They still get the macropad in the end. This resolution does not work for the keyboard issue because customers generally expect a modern day laptop to have, at a minimum, a keyboard and trackpad.

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@OperationCWAL & @Arazil
Yes, that was exactly what I meant but couldn’t find, thanks!

Has anyone received an update on the macro pad yet? Do we know when they will be shipped out to the people who received the spacers as placeholders?

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From my understanding of the wording, “as soon as it arrives at our regional 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) partner”, I would guess a few weeks after the last batch and just before it becomes available in the marketplace.

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I just received a second shipment notice via FedEx, presumably the macropad.

Edit: departed New Jersey, not Taiwan