External display G9 oled block on Linux at 3840x1080 120hz


I’m on linux (ubuntu 22.xx i follow the framework installation guide) and I try to set my external monitor (G9 oled) to the resolution 5,120 x 1,440. The best option i have is 3840 x 1080 120 fps. I don’t need 120 fps (but if it’s possible great :slight_smile: the monitor can 240) but i want to work in my native resolution. I tried with the hdmi module extension but it didn’t work (maybe because hdmi 2.0b) and i tried with usb c on graphic module to hdmi on my screen but it was the same problem. I used a cable certify hdmi 2.1 to usbc. I prefer to use my display port on my monitor for my other gaming computer (for 240 hz).

Anyone have an idea to resolve my problem ?

(english is not my native language, sorry for my mistakes)

Which cable did you use? HDMI on Linux has been gimped by the HDMI Forum, they denied AMDs request to implement 2.1 in their open source driver.

In your case you should try the Caldigit USB C to HDMI2.1 adapter, which should be the best possible way to go rn.

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I use this cable : https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0BXWBSJ77. it seems to me that it has the same spec no ?

Can you not use the mini display port for the framework and the full sized display port for your PC? I have the G9 OLED on my PC and intend to use it in this way when my Framework 16 comes. It has a mini display port cable in the monitor box but I can’t remember what was on the other end of it.

Scratch that, just checked and it’s micro HDMI to HDMI.

It’s not a mini display port, it’s a micro hdmi port sadly :frowning: I don’t think it’s going to work.

Another option might be to use a display port switch so you can swap between inputs but I’m not sure if that will effect the quality or input latency of the signal.

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