External Display (only) Flickering Constantly

Having issues where the Framework 13 when plugged into an external display, through the official HDMI expansion card, flickers.

It also flickers when plugged into other USB to HDMI adapters I have (Apple USB 3.1 USB-C to HDMI).

The cable and monitor are fine, as other devices when plugged in do not exhibit this behavior (tried 4k60 output from an iPad Pro and another desktop computer RTX3060, no issues).

Changing resolution or refresh rate does not affect the frequency or duration of the flickering.

The laptop display never flickers.

Here is a video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO1ruv1Zeh0

There is no USB disconnect noise or sound to indicate the expansion card is dropping out. It does this regardless of which port the expansion card is in.

I have tried several different Intel Graphics Drivers to try and see if that was an issue with no change.

  • Windows 11
  • Framework 13 12th Gen (3.08 BIOS beta)

EDIT: With some further testing, it seems that the stability gets worse when I try to run some sort of program that requires 3d graphics rendering. Using the HDMI into the Apple USB-C to HDMI adapter, I can get a relatively stable desktop until I try to run a 3D application.

I can never get a stable desktop with the Framework USB-C to HDMI adapter.

See follow up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFh2q1rKopI - Starts with Framework HDMI adapter, then plug into the Apple adapter which works until I boot into a 3D application (skip ahead while I wait for 3d mark to boot). Then I show the adapter, cable into an iPad pro working fine at 2160p 60hz.

Resolved by uninstalling Intel Graphics Driver in Device Manager then using Windows Update to install an older version.

Sadly, not an ideal solution when Intel is creating very frequent, new drivers with game updates. Will have to resign myself to the fact this is not a gaming machine.