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Windows 11 Home 22H2, 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1340P 1.90 GHz, external display is LG 32GQ950-b
Using HDMI, I cannot get the external screen to stay on consistently. I’ve used 3 different hdmi cords all giving the same issue of flickering/saying no signal even though when I’m in the display settings it shows up as connected. Tried to change resolutions and refresh rates with minor improvements, it takes longer in between turning off/back on, but no setting or cord which allows it to stay fully usable. Updated display drivers and looked into monitor drivers which says up to date, yet still no success in getting it to stay on. I’ve also unplugged the cord and the hdmi expansion slot multiple times but no fix.

Any ideas?

What res/frequency combinations have you tried? The HDMI 3.0 expansion card supports up to 4K/60Hz, but your monitor can do up to 160Hz.

The DP expansion module can support “up to the processor’s limitation” which in your machine’s case is 7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz. I’m not sure exactly how that scales for refresh rate at 4K, but I would think it’s far below 160Hz, still. At best, 120Hz?

The cables you tried are all rated for the res/freq combinations you are trying?

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Try running it at 1080p and see if it works, this is probably a bandwith limitation of HDMI. I’d highly reccomend DP, and if you can’t get an expansion card maybe a USB-C to DP cable.

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