External Input Cover

Working on an input cover adapter board that will let you use an old input cover via USB with a 2 port USB 2.0 hub built-in, best of all the trackpad, keyboard, and fingerprint reader should all work. The board comes from @Arya https://twitter.com/CRImierTech/status/1525930969060020225


I like it. Great way to upscale old or partially damaged but still usable pieces.

If there was a BT version which allowed multi pairing, simultaneous connections, and switching which device the inputs were sent to, that would be even better for my use case. Hopefully someone takes your work and extends it into that product too…


I’m currently working on the outside shell that will work with the input cover, I might even model it to a similar design of the framework laptops. @nrp Are there any plans to release drawings for screw layouts anytime soon as I can’t measure those large distances with my little calipers?