Failing to wake from suspend

When I close the lid on my Framework 16 and keep it suspended for an extended period of time, it refuses to wake afterwards. The power LED is blinking and the display is blank and nothing I do changes that.

I am running NixOS 24.05.20240425.7bb2ccd and have applied the community’s Framework 16 configuration from nixos-hardware.

I have no devices plugged in. This happens on battery and when on wall power.

I don’t know how long it has to be suspended but it’s from ½h–1½h, I’d wager.

I have read this reply and have run that script. Here is the output:

Location of log file (default s2idle_report-2024-04-30.txt)?
Debugging script for s2idle on AMD systems
💻 Framework Laptop 16 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) (16in Laptop) running BIOS 3.3 (03.03) released 03/27/2024 and EC unknown
🐧 Kernel 6.8.7
🔋 Battery BAT1 (NVT FRANDBA) is operating at 105.32% of design
Checking prerequisites for s2idle
🚦Logs are provided via dmesg, timestamps may not be accurate over multiple cycles
✅ AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS w/ Radeon 780M Graphics (family 19 model 74)
✅ LPS0 _DSM enabled
✅ ACPI FADT supports Low-power S0 idle
✅ HSMP driver `amd_hsmp` not detected (blocked: False)
✅ PMC driver `amd_pmc` loaded (Program 0 Firmware 76.82.0)
✅ USB4 driver `thunderbolt` loaded
✅ GPU driver `amdgpu` available
✅ GPU driver `amdgpu` available
✅ System is configured for s2idle
✅ NVME Sandisk Corp WD Black SN850X NVMe SSD is configured for s2idle in BIOS
✅ GPIO driver `pinctrl_amd` available
❌ Unabled to check MSRs: MSR kernel module not loaded
👀 Suspend must be initiated by root user
Your system does not meet s2idle prerequisites!

I don’t know what the MSR module is or whether I should add it.

Silly question: I wasn’t aware the FW16 had a power LED :slight_smile: Where is it?

I mean the fingerprint sensor backlight.

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Interesting. lsmod shows there is a module named msr loaded. And when I run the script with root there’s no complaints.

(The firmware menus refer to this as the power LED)

I’ve also been having this issue. Seems like the exact same problem. Are you using KDE as your DE or something else?
Im on Fedora 40 KDE for reference

No, I am using GNOME.

In particular, GNOME 45 running on NixOS unstable.

Interesting. It seems a lot of us having this issue are using KDE. Well glad I didn’t try and reinstall over to gnome to see if that fixes things