Fan collects dust and other problems

The main problem I have been facing with the new amd ryzen 5 7640u is the heating caused by dust collecting between the fan and heat sink. It just collects and collects and im talking over a few months. The biggest problem with this is the fact that you have too remove the entire heatsink to clean the fan and therefor need the repaste the cpu. this is a really shitty design flaw and easilly fixed by putting the screws to open the fan on the other side. I hope this gets resolved as I’ve experienced crashes due to the high temps!

If it’s collecting over a few months, you must be living in a really dusty environment or using the laptop over some type of fabric (e.g. on the bed). I’ve had several Framework laptops over about 2 years and have only needed to clean the heatsink once after a year of use (and even then, it was just a small clump).