Fan kicks on high at BIOS screen and stays on after booting to Windows (normal CPU temps)

I’ve got the 11th Gen Framework. A few months ago, the fan started kicking on high immediately upon booting the laptop. This is not your normal fan ramping up or down, but rather the fan running high (and is quite loud). The fan kicks on in the BIOS screen and very occasionally pauses for a few seconds before kicking back on high again.

I tried replacing the thermal paste on the CPU, but it did no good. I’m not surprised because my CPU temps are fine; at idle, they average around 25-30C. This doesn’t seem like an overheating issue to me.

System config:
BIOS: 3.10 (GFW30.03.10)
CPU: i5/1135G7
SSD: WD_Black SN850 (firmware updated)
RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR4-3200 x 2 (16GB total)
OS: Windows 10.19044.2251

Has anyone else run into this issue? There doesn’t seem to be a logical reason for the fan to be running at full speed. Maybe my fan needs to be replaced?

Thanks for any direction.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The fan kicks in on BIOS especially updates as it hasn’t yet got the control programme installed, but after that . . .

What OS?

Added my system config to my original post – sorry for not including. I’m running Windows 10.19044.2251.

Should mention that the fan stays on high in Windows, occasionally turning off for a second or two, but then right back on again at high. Again, my CPU temps appear to be normal according to CPU-Z.

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