Fans will stop spinning fast on high workloads

I like to play valorant and I have been on the 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1240P 1.70 GHz CPU I have with my framework laptop. The game runs smoothly with 60fps no problem… until I get the low fps message appears and I get low fps. The fan runs at max speed when it runs smoothly.

I suspect this is a problem with the fans. The fans will barely spin when this happens. I have tried used Fan Control ( but the curve doesn’t even work.

What can I do to control fan speed and stop low fps messages on valorant?

What is the CPU temperature at each stage? If the machine is thermally throttling, I’d expect you to see a loss of frame rate while the fans were still spinning at high speed.

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So after a while of running at the max fan speeds I do get a low fps msg which means its probably thermally throttling like you said.

But when I need to my fans to spin so I can play on regular fps, my fans wont spin at max speed. Is there a bios setting I can look at or a software you would recommend so I can make my fans spin when they need to?

TLP should be the solution you’re looking for.

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I’m not sure what TLP is, what is that?

You can read about TLP here.

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I’m not running linux currently fren… rip

Ohh, sorry, I thought you were, you didn’t specify you were running … what exactly?

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I’m running windows 10

Then maybe this could be handy for you.

Windows 10 is not officially supported on the 12th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptop. We recommend performing the free update to Windows 11 and installing the required Framework Driver Bundle for Windows 11.

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@TheTwistgibber thank you so much!

@TheTwistgibber I’m on Windows 11, downloaded the new framework driver bundle, yet I still can’t control Fan speed with Fan Control or other software?

What can I do to control fan speeds?

This is currently not possible via traditional fan speed control software. There have been some workaround methods posted by Framework Community members, but they are not officially supported.

This said, power profiles in Windows adjust the CPU power behavior, which can be used to make the system either quieter or provide greater performance.