[Feature Request] Driver bundle that can be installed with DISM

I’m getting ready to roll out a Windows image to my new DIY edition (batch 3 represent!) but I’d like to install the drivers before I do. Typically, this is accomplished with either dism or the DISM PowerShell commandlets.

Given that the driver bundle is an executable, this poses somewhat of a challenge. Since it can’t get at the drivers embedded in the installer, DISM isn’t able to service them into the image.

Would it be possible for Framework to release the driver bundle executable side-by-side with an archive of the drivers inside it? I know that things like the stock power profile and other “run-time” configuration tweaks wouldn’t be installable like this, but I suspect that a similar process is used for image mastering on the prebuilt side and that DIYers wouldn’t have too much trouble replicating it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It looks like it’s a 7-zip SFX! Even better–however, some of the drivers inside it are separate non-SFX executables.