Feature request - PDF order summary

For the online store, I’d like to be able to download a PDF summary (receipt/invoice) of my order. Printing the order summary page (i.e. https://frame.work/ca/en/profile/orders/XXXX) as PDF does not format well. That is all. Otherwise very happy customer.

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There might be a feature on your computer to print directly to a .pdf instead of to the printer. I know it’s just a workaround, but it might be useful until they fix it.

Yaeh the page prints to pdf all messed up. And the order summary page hides the prices so if you expand the accordion to see the price they don’t print well either.

Firefox 93 on Ubuntu 21.04. Framework just needs to create a webview that’s printer-friendly. Or create a PDF export from their webapp directly. Either one would work. Framework developers just need to implement this https://github.com/solidusio-contrib/solidus_print_invoice. Framework uses Solidus, which is a Spree fork. They just haven’t coded this yet. I’m sure they’ll get to it.

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