Feature Request: Wake from USB support in BIOS

Respectfully request the next BIOS update include implementation of wake from USB. Working with the laptop docket means that after longer breaks, the ONLY way to start working again it so open the laptop and use the power button. Implementation of wake from USB support in BIOS would allow users to continue using their machines without a technically unnecessary and disruptive step. Candidly, I thought this was basic functionality that would’ve been available and I’m frustrated at the amount of time I had to spend figuring out this is an issue with the BIOS and not a setting on my machine.

Discussion about this issue (here and here). Additional discussion on (this forum)[How to Boot and/or Wake Laptop with Lid Closed? - #8 by OldCoastie68] though the feedback seems to be centered on changing what happens when the lid closes than the actual issue of waking from sleep with an external device.


I might be going crazy but I thought wake on AC connection was already a setting in BIOS? Are you on the latest version?

I think I am. I only got the machine a couple weeks ago and I think I updated the BIOS to fix another issue (high fan and no bootable drive issue).

I’ll double check when I get home but I don’t remember seeing the word “wake” anywhere in the BIOS.

However “wake on AC” sounds like waking when the power cord is plugged in. That’s not the basic functionality I’m discussing. I’m taking about having the laptop in sleep with the lid closed and being unable to wake it by hitting keys on an external keyboard (without opening the lid, pushing the power button and then closing the lid again).

Oh, I see what you mean! I think that’s an OS level thing…the OS decides which devices are put to sleep vs which are still powered as far as I know :thinking: are you using Windows or Linux?

I’m on windows. However, the support articles I linked to above discuss the need to set a BIOS item to enable this OS feature (power management in device manager). People on Linux seem to be having the same issue.

Edit: I was on 3.0.6 but don’t see any relevant settings in the BIOS for this now either. This reddit thread seems to show this is a cross-OS issue.

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Waking up the Framework from sleep works just fine for me, just by pressing a key on my external keyboard, using Ubuntu 22.04.

Note that this probably does not work on TB3 dock, since a distinguishing new feature of TB4 is that it supports wakeup-from sleep (this is probably because TB3 tunnels USB2 traffic over TB, while with TB4 it just uses separate wires that can more easily stay active in sleep). I’ve tested this with the keyboard connected through my Caldigit TS4 TB4 dock, and the keyboard connected directly to a USB-A port.

Is there a USB hub or dock involved in your setup?

I’ve got this dock which (I think) was on a list Framework put out as compatible: USB C Hub, USB C Docking Station, UtechSmart Triple Display 12 in 1 Type C Laptop Dock Station Adapter Compatible for MacBook and Windows(3HDMI PD3.0 SD TF Card Reader Gigabit Ethernet 4USB Ports)


I think I can wake it from S1 with keyboard (since it enters that immediately on lid close) but definitely not S4. Not sure about 2 or 3

Lacking this feature is brutal to me. I am on Ubuntu and I prefer the setting to suspend when I close the lid. If I close the lid (thereby triggering suspend), put the laptop in its vertical stand and connect the usb-c cable to my Dell UltraSharp that also acts as my dock, nothing happens. Then I have to unplug the cable, pick up the laptop from the stand, plug it back in, open the lid, press the power button, and then repeat all this back to have it docked and awake. To minimize this (but not negate it!) I have to change the lid behavior to do nothing, but I’m still in the same situation if I’ve manually pressed the power button, or otherwise suspended it and docked it without first waking it up manually. I am surprised all modern laptops and/or OSs have not solved this by now. Am I missing something?

Wake from USB is typically an OS capability / configuration.

e.g. wireless - Wake up from suspend using USB device - Ask Ubuntu

(Noting that wake from USB is different from power-up by USB)

And, going back to Matthijs_Kooijman’s post, you may need a TB4 dock if your USB keyboard / input devices are connected via TB.

I don’t know how to properly communicate the distinction, but it doesn’t appear like we’re talking about the same issue. I have the laptop docked right now. I can suspend it and then wake it up by pressing a key on my keyboard connected through the monitor via usb-c, connected to the laptop via usb-c. This only does not work if the laptop is suspended and then I connect the usb-c cable and try to wake it up.

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Ah…Now I see.

The particular issue you’re experiencing is regarding whether the dock was connected before or after the laptop had entered sleep / suspend.

…that dictates whether the OS knows there’s a dock (and its connected devices) or not.

In your case, because the laptop is already in sleep, the OS doesn’t see ‘new addition’ of devices…until it wakes up. (The dock is not enumerated while in sleep)

Yep. I’m not sure whether the OP meant to refer to this issue or I hijacked the topic. My naive expectation was that plugging in the usb-c cable would trigger some communication to wake up the laptop, or there would be an option in the bios or OS (or both) to enable this. There is a BIOS option to automatically power on the laptop when it receives power (so presumably usb-c power delivery counts?). Waking from sleep upon receiving power seems like a smaller feat.

I would have thought so too…like, plugging in ‘anything’ into any of the 4 ports on the laptop should cause it to wake up…

You didn’t hijack. This is exactly what I’m talking about!

It’s not an OS issue/feature, USB(already connected) wake from sleep works fine. Powering on, resuming from hibernation, waking from newly connected USB requires BIOS support.