Feature request: Windows Hello IR camera

I’m not sure how possible this is as an upgrade for existing Framework laptops, but it would be great to have a IR camera that works with Windows Hello. The existing fingerprint sensor is nice, but IR cameras can identify you in an instant with just a glance.


I suspect something like this windows hello camera module could be integrated.


I’ll go one step farther - I’d love to have a camera that, in addition to Windows Hello compatibility, could also be used to scan nearby objects (ie. within 6 feet of camera) into a 3D model supported by major software packages such as Recfusion.net, Cappasity, Dot3D, Lips.


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This just in from DotProduct : Hi Myles,

Unfortunately neither our DPI nor our DPI-X lines are compatible with OEM webcam integration. Our kits are solely designed for mobile 3D reconstruction from tablets and phones with our Dot3D software. It’s also worth noting that all of our supported 3D cameras are generally better suited for room-scale / larger object scanning than for small object / face scanning.

The one exception to that would be the DPI-SR (X or 10 version), which can scan at ranges just under a ft from the object and can do well on something as small as a human head, but still nothing smaller than that. Also, FYI all of our direct exports currently are color point clouds only, so some post-capture 3D meshing may be required for some of your desired workflows. If you are still interested in the DPI-XSR + Dot3D (or another package), please just let me know and I’ll quote accordingly.


Chris Ahern

DotProduct LLC
+1 617-415-7218

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