Fedora 40 on the Framework Laptop 16

Fedora Workstation 40 is released! You can download Fedora Workstation 40 here .

Official Fedora 40 release announcement can be found here .

Installation Guide: Fedora 40 Installation on the Framework Laptop 16 - Framework Guides

VAAPI profiles: If you want VAAPI profiles exposed then you need to enable rpmfusion and run the steps listed here:


To expose the various capabilities via vaapi for encode/decode - fedora strips patent encumbered bits from mesa by default. IME people forget to run the dnf swap bits after adding rpmfusion .

You can check what is exposed by installing libva-utils and running vainfo.

The xz vulnerability was fixed a while ago. BUT… There are some zero-day security vulnerabilities on other packages. It happens! They are already fixed in our package repos, but the fixes are not on the install images. Make sure to promptly upgrade after a fresh F40 install.


Thread open again now that Fedora 40 is released.

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Awesome, I will update later today. I was just checking to see if it’s officially supported.

The first link shows download Fedora Workstation 39 here, which I assume is due to a copy-paste from a previous post and should be 40?

Ah, fixed. Thanks!

I’m not sure if I can ask this question here, or should open a new thread.
I installed first Debian 12 on this FW16. This went very well, and I did not notice very much fan noise. Today I installed Fedora 40, and notice that the fan is lots noisier then under Debian 12 and Windows 11.
PPD (power-profiles-daemon) is installed and kernel running 6.8.8.
I tried profile balanced and powersaving. No difference.

How do I silence this FW16 and keep Fedora?

I removed power-profiles-daemon and then reinstalled it, and now the fw16 is a lot more quiet!

Installing Fedora 40 from USB thumb driva fails. Integrity of drive and .ios verified. installing. Fedora 37 works.

I get a lot of SELinux errors when running VM’s with virt-manager or wine programs. This doesn’t seem to actually affect the apps most of the time, but is there maybe a guide or an article somewhere on how to set up SELinux properly to work around those programs? I have no experience with SELinux so I’m not really sure what the best practices are around these things, but ignoring them certainly doesn’t seem like it :laughing:

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I installed Fedora 40 Silverblue on mine and it ran without any problems.
What exactly is not working?

Turns out (I believe) that the Fedora 40 ive does not install (crashes) when there is no wi-fi. Fortunately I was doing a dual boot, and Windows was available. I have no idea how to install Fedora without.

create usbstick, boot from it and click on install then fedora is the only operating system.

Just installed Fedora 40 KDE. The fans seem to refuse to come on. They run (quietly) in the BISO, but don’t seem to come on in the OS. The laptop is pretty hot to the touch.
Any advice on how to get the fans going?

I’d open a support ticket and we can take a look and make sure everything is running correctly.

Thank you. I did some more testing since then and made a separate post about it here: Heat Issues With Shell Module