Fedora 5.19.13-200 Update - Fixes previous Display issue

Seems Fedora released an update for the Intel error that was occuring on kernel 5.19.12-200. Updated by accident and 5.19.13-200 is running smooth for me with zero issues on the display or elsewhere

Edit: Updated from -300 to -200 from a typo.

Edit 2: Looks like you need the Free RPM Fusion repo added per the setup guide for it to populate in dnf, or may need to refresh the metadata.


Hmm, my system is still trying to update to the broken 5.19.12-200. Any way to force it to skip that version and install 5.19.13-300?

You might have stale update metadata. Try:

$ sudo dnf update --refresh

I also ran the following before the above command to manually remove the broken kernel, as I’ve seen suggestions that it can actually cause hardware damage so I don’t want it staying on my system where it might accidentally get booted.

$ sudo dnf remove kernel\*-5.19.12-200.fc36

When 5.19.13-300 5.19.13-200 got installed, it didn’t remove any older version because I had already done so manually. I still have three working versions installed:

kernel.x86_64    5.19.9-200.fc36
kernel.x86_64    5.19.11-200.fc36
kernel.x86_64    5.19.13-200.fc36

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After running $ sudo dnf update --refresh, it seems like it will install the right version:

Installing dependencies:
 kernel-core                        x86_64 5.19.13-200.fc36      updates   50 M
 kernel-devel                       x86_64 5.19.13-200.fc36      updates   16 M

This does say ~-200 instead of ~-300, but this is also the version you have in your list of installed versions. Is 5.19.13-300 a typo?

Luckily I saw the warnings about 5.19.12 before I updated so I never got the broken version. It’s scary that there’s the possibility of hardware damage.

Thanks for the help!

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Yes it was.

-100 is for fc35
-200 is for fc36
-300 is for fc37

Source: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/?packages=kernel

Whoops, that it is. My bad!

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