Feedback about speaker treble performance

I just got my batch 16 FW16 and I’m fairly pleased with it overall. Something I noticed about the speakers is that if I remove the input module filler pieces from either side of the touchpad module, the treble output from the speakers improves noticeably.

I think there is an after-sales improvement opportunity here: The filler pieces dampen treble from the speakers and if there were little holes drilled in the filler pieces near the edges, I think it would improve the experience.

I also think microdrilling holes in the midplate above the speakers, in conjunction with microdrilled holes in the filler pieces, would make for a much fuller range aural experience.

I was worried the speakers weren’t going to be very good, but I’d rank them above the speakers in my Surface Book 3, and nearly on par with the speakers in a Surface Pro 7+. I think the FW16 speakers may have a bit more low end than the Surface Pro 7+, but the overall hi/lo balance is better on the Surface.


I think FW have done well with the mic (on the screen) and the speakers.
The mic has a low amount of background noise which is much better than most laptops.
The speakers also sound a lot better than my previous laptop. It sounds a more balanced sound.
The FW16 speakers are considerably better than my old laptop.
I have not tried a feedback test, where I play test sounds to the FW16 speakers, and then use the FW16 MIC to analyze for any distortion. An alternative is to use a professional studio mic for the test, but I don’t remember where I stored it when I moved house.

Each person has very different preferences when it comes to what they think is good sound.
I for one, do like the FW16 speakers and the sound they produce, taking into account the limitations that any laptop puts on speakers. I.e. size limits and room for sound chambers/pipes etc.