Ferret vs tool

Ok, so I was cleaning up the workbench and noticed that the Framework tool was not there.

Looked all over it and the house, finally remembered that I have a ferret dressed up in a cat suit.

Still can’t find it, but being one-who-opens, I have tools that match, so just aggravating.


  • Make the tool day glow orange instead of black

  • Please let us buy replacements… You know that they are going to get lost.

  • If you build a bigger laptop some day, include a slot / tube for it right into the laptop.

I will hopefully find it eventually… Sigh, I hope… As a combo bit of Torx / Phillips is not a common one.


Replacements are coming soon to the Framework Marketplace.


First rule of “lost tools”, as soon as you get a new one, the original shows up.

I’m glad to hear that it will be carried. Thanks!

I love this idea - like a stylus holder for the included screwdriver. I don’t know how practical it is from a space efficiency standpoint, but it would be a great PR-feature highlighting the repair-ability - “we even include all the tools you need built right into the laptop!”


and that’s why I like my Galaxy Note.

Ha, ha, this is more interesting than the missing screwdriver.